On this E-Learning website you will find detailed information about the summer semester's lectures and seminars of the Chair of Management Science.

This course contains information for participants of this semester's repetition exam, only.

Eine Selbsteinschreibung in diesen Kurs ist ab sofort möglich. 

Self-enrollment in this course is now possible. 

In this course, information about the following two seminars will be provided:

- “Modern Planning Approaches in Production & Logistics”, offered by Dr. Janis S. Neufeld (substitute professor for Management Science),

- “Operations Research Applications in Transport and Mobility”, offered by Dr. Bruno Neumann Saavedra (guest lecturer from TU Braunschweig)

Self-enrollment in this E-Learning course and application for the two seminars are no longer possible. Accepted students have been added manually. 

Self-enrollment in this course is not possible. Master students who currently write their master thesis at our department will be enrolled, manually. Students interested in writing their master thesis at our department in the future can find detailed information on our website (the information provided there will be updated for the winter semester soon).